The SmartOne C gives you peace of mind assets tracking beyond the boundaries of GSM cellular service. Owners can check the tracker’s activities with our live tracking solutions. It allows fleet owners to view the asset’s activities either in open sea or on land. Our software solutions allow operator to know the current and historical locations with date and time stamp on each location. It will trigger alerts whenever there is any discrepancies in the status of your assets. The alerts will be sent to CMS and your mobile phone. It will help owners to better monitor the workflows, increase overall efficiency and productivity.

Our solution will help operator to improve security and accountability along any routes by creating appropriate geofences, it will trigger alerts whenever assets enter or leave the pre-define areas.

• Built in Antenna – allows for easy installation and field management without the need for antennas or external power.
• No need to purchase expensive proprietary batteries for replacement.
• Quick installation: Use industrial adhesives, brackets or screw mounts for installation, we also provide optional weather proof mounting    bracket with emergency panic button.
• Operates on 5v external line power, 8-22v regulator cable, or (4) AAA Lithium Batteries.
• Automatic alerts: Change of location sensing sends alerts if asset moves outside of pre-determined range.
• Messaging reduction mode: Reduces satellite messaging if asset remains in same location for a pre-determined period of time.
• Hardware on/off feature: Allows the unit to initiate GPS re-centering functionality tracking.
• Accepts serial signals (TTL) from external inputs.
Standard Messaging
• Wake, GPS locate, transmit location, resume sleep
• 12 programmable sleep time-of-wake settings
• Transmit lat/long, date/time, speed and course
Integrated Accelerometer
• Message on start and stop
• Engage interval override on motion for set time or while in motion
Alternate Reporting
• Supervisory reporting schedule triggered by alarm or motion
• Transmits GPS location on interval for programmed time or while alarm remains active
Change of Location
• Theft alert reporting based on distance moved
• Reduced messaging mode
Serial Communication Capability
• User defined messages
• Serial (TTL) I/O capability to interface with remote passive and smart sensors and deliver user defined messages
• Size: 68.58 mm (h) x 82.55 mm (w) x 25.4 mm (d) (with brackets)
• Weight: 102g (with 4 batteries and mounting hardware)
• Operating temperature: -30° to +60°C
• Line Power: 5v DC or 8-22v DC with regular cable
• Battery type: 4 (AAA) 1.5v lithium
  - Provides 1.5 + years of battery life
  - Removes the need to purchase expensive propriety batteries for replacement
• Satellite Technology:
  - Global LEO Satellite operation using the Globalstar Simplex Data Network
What's in the Box?
• Smatone C
• 3M adhersive sticker
Accessories (purchase separately)
• Combined serial, 5VLP, I/O cable
• Combined serial, 22VLP, I/O cable